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Check here to find out what offers are currently on at Aldi on all products such as grocery, clothing, cosmetics and more.  See all current promotions in participating stores and decide what you want to buy before you leave your house. Aldi (an abbreviation of Albrecht Discount) is an international discount supermarket chain based in Germany.  In 1913 the mother of Karl & Theo Albrecht opened a small business in Essen.  In 1946, the brothers took over their mother’s store.  Soon afterwards another retail outlet was opened nearby.  In 1950, Karl en Theo Albrecht owned 13 stores in the Ruhr Valley.  When the brothers split the company in 1960, they owned 300 shops.  In 1962, they introduced the famous name Aldi (Albrecht Discount).  Since 1966 they are financially and legally separated in Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd.

More than half of the groceries Aldi sells are Irish.  At Aldi they are committed to sourcing, whenever and wherever possible, the finest produce from the finest local suppliers.  Aldi won already many awards with their Irish product. All of their Nature’s Isle fresh beef, lamb, pork, bacon, turkey and chicken is 100% Irish, 100% Bord Bia Quality Assured and all the way 100% traceable to farms in the Republic of Ireland. Aldi’s Refund Policy - Love it or your money back.  It’s annoying when you buy something and in the end it doesn’t quite live up to your expectations. Aldi understands the importance of being able to return goods to store with no questions asked.  Just bring it back to the store with your receipt within 60 days and Aldi will give you a full refund.

The long-term success of Aldi’s business depends on the raw materials of all their products being sourced in a sustainable way.  Aldi strives to minimize both the resource intensity of their products and the negative environmental impacts of their production.  That’s why Aldi works closely with their suppliers concentrating on sustainability in the following areas: animal welfare, detergents and cleaners, fish and seafood, Genetically Modified Foods, Organic products, product packaging and waste and palm oil. Aldi Nord (head office in Essen) is responsible for its stores in Belgium, Denmark, France, Portugal, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Poland.  Aldi Nord also serves ‘the Trader Joe’s’ supermarket chain in the United States.  Aldi Süd (head office in Mülheim ) is responsible for its stores in Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria & Slovenia (as Hofer), Switzerland, Australia and the United States (under the Aldi brand).  Together (Aldi Nord & Aldi Süd) they have a total of 9.235 Aldi stores.  In Ireland there are 105 outlets. Besides food, Aldi has other items.  Each week, Aldi has a leaflet or brochure with new or ‘Specialbuys’.  They are very popular and sold out in no time.

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